How much does your bespoke stationery cost?

Having bespoke stationery created can be more expensive than buying 'ready mades' from a shop, but it is not as expensive as you think! Prices vary from job to job depending on your bespoke requirements but on average, people spend between £300 and £500 on illustrated stationery sets such as save the dates, invites and printed envelopes. Get in touch for a more accurate price.


Do we need to have all the information before you start?

No, not at all. Initially I will need to know your basic idea, concept or theme and the stationery that you require. The approximate quantities, any paper stock ideas (ie, Fossetta), the wedding date and of course the budget are also helpful. As your stationery goes through development, dates and times etc can be finalised.


Can you produce other stationery such as table plans and big arrows?

Absolutely! From favor bags to cardboard cut-outs of the groom, if it can be printed I can produce it. What did you have in mind?


How much time do you need?

From concept to delivery can take a couple of months. Maybe more if your idea requires complex finishing such as metallic foils or laser cuts. If ordering your stationery has been left a little too late, the option of 'rushing it through' can sometimes be achieved but with an additional fee of £100.


Can the illustration be carried across our stationery?

Yes. Part of my thought process when developing an illustration is how it can work across your stationery, either in its entirety or using elements from it.


Do we need to order all our stationery at the same time?

Yes and no! Stationery when printed at the same time is less likely to have variations in colour however, I understand that it may be decided later down the line to have matching menus. This isn't a problem as I use professional and commercial printers that have colour matching processes.


What type of printing do you use?

Generally due to quantities, most of the printing is digital. Sometimes however certain stocks require lithographic or 'litho' printing. I have long established and trusting relationships with the professional companies that I use. In fact, I used to work for them!


We don't want 'normal' wording. Can you help?

Yes! I love to be creative and have provided most of the wording for previous jobs that has helped to enhance the idea and theme.


Do you print envelopes?

Yes (stock and size dependent). To do this I require an organised spread sheet of all the guests and their addresses.


Do you produce stationery with embellishments and ribbons etc?

Unfortunately not. But I can create stationery with embellishments in mind should you wish to apply them.


We like this idea, can you copy it?

I will not copy another stationery design or illustration. Feel free to provide examples of the type of thing you are looking for and I will happily use it to inspire my own concept for your brief.


Can you provide a printed sample for final approval?

Yes I can but it will require an additional fee of £25 to cover the printing setup charges.

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions but if you have any others or want more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.